Inertage: Action to reduce the oxygen content (<5%) in order to go below the lower limit of flammability (L.I.I. or also called L.I.E.) by the supply of a neutral gas. It is not feasible to leave staff in such a room.

Extinction: All neutral extinguishing agents work by reducing the oxygen level (average between 12% and 13%). The presence of personnel is quite possible (except for CO2).

  • Non-conductive electricity
  • No residue
  • Negligible temperature drop
  • No fog



  • Sealed or partially enclosed spaces...
  • In total flood only
  • Directional valve system possible
  • Computer room
  • Control Rooms / Relay Room
  • Telecommunications
  • Archives - libraries - museums

In the case of the use of fire-extinguishing agents which are inert, the effects on health remain within acceptable limits for the organism. During its discharge there is excellent visibility and as it leaves no residue there are no destructive effects on the equipment, the equipment will continue to function normally and

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