A video entry kit consists of:

  • An indoor monitor with screen allowing the resident to see, contact the visitor who rings, ordered the gate for pedestrian and the motorized gate
  • A roadside panel (waterproof and dustproof) with intercom and camera allowing visitors to communicate with residents
  • An electric lock for automatic opening and closing of the gate for pedestrian

The main functions of a video entry are:

  • Contact a visitor (sound and image)
  • Grant access to visitors without leaving your home (electric lock/ motorized gate)
  • Save the passage of all visitors either image or video
  • View and record events taking place outside of your home (with the Day / Night camera from the door station)


image051             image052

image055      image053  image054    image058  image041


Price: From 1,000,000 XAF (go for estimate)