The automatic gate openers are pledge for security, for reliability and for comfort.

With automation, you gain comfort. No need to get down from your car to open wide your gate in leaves or sliding. All you have to do is press a button. Some models will obviously permit you to open only one leaf.

Opt for tranquility. To avoid accidents, the gate stops automatically depending on it physical obstacle detector. The most: It automatic bolting system operates in case of an attempt of tentative intrusion.

If you wish to install a new automatic gate opener, know that there exist different types of gates, of motorizations, depending on the arrangement of your gate and your choice:

Two leaves gate automation


Jack motorization

 image042      auto_gate1   auto_gate2    auto_gate3     auto_gate4

These motorization, is exclusively reserve to rigid gate of type « steel », it is a discrete aesthetic solution.


Articulated arms motorization


Flexible to all equipments, it produces a natural movement which respect the structure of your gate. This is one of the most silence solutions.


Sliding gate motorization

This type of motorizations can adapt to different equipments and can fit gates of up to 8 m wide.

image109       image040     image058


Price: From 1,250,000 XAF (go for estimate)