The intruder alarms primary function to deter potential burglars to do their misdeeds.

An intruder alarm system consists of:

  • The detection: motion detectors / magnetic switches / flood detection probe / volatile fine dust detectors)
  • Information processing and transmission: control panel
  • The alert: siren / S.M.S to prerecorded numbers
  • The command: coded keypad / remote control

There are two major families of burglar alarm that we put at your service:

  • The radio alarm (wireless): all the detection and control equipment communicates by radio waves with the control panel. This solution avoids the constraints of cable ducts, which is convenient in an old building
  • The wired alarms: all the detection and control equipment is connected by cables to the alarm center. The advantages of wired alarms are to be more reliable (no interference problems) and allow greater use of distance.

However, some alarms use both technologies.

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