The access control consists of verifying if an entity (a person, a group, etc.) asking to attain to a "resource" has the necessary right to do it.

We bring together as well as our competences were many people enter and leave, like for example in hotels, hospitals/clinics or in big administrative buildings but likewise with private individuals as well as groups, modern buildings and residence.

Therefore, a secure, reliable closing and access control system with big adaptability on the particular requirement of installation is necessary.

The mechanical systems attain so, in spite of all the qualities, their limits.

Thanks to biometrics closing technics and innovation always secure that covers maximum needs of our client. We will supply the access control system and the close-down which will yield you less dependent on lose keys, and will permit you to adjust your installation with authorization to often modify closing, during the extension and restructuring.

In other words, these system supply new application to you, which is difficult to realize with traditional keys like, in particular, the possibility of coupling with video monitoring, to manage alarm, the events, the entrance, the way out and the status; a genuine asset from term of remote inspection.

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